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Bayko Advertising Card1945 -1959 Stagnation under Margret Audrey Plimpton

After stopping production during World War 2 Bayko went into production with a brand new rage of sets. These where initially rationalized from 6 sets prewar to 3 sets, 0, 1 and 2 in 1946 then the addition in 1947 of Set 3. However before anything else could be done Charles Plimpton's health again deteriorated, the Tuberculosis he had overcome 15 years earlier returned he had spent most of his last year in a sanatorium in North Wales. He died on 29 December 1948 at the age of 55.

This meant that his plans for Bayko would have to be handed on to others. In the event the ownership of the company passed to his wife Margret Audrey Plimpton. She was entirely opposite to her husband who was very much hands on, she preferred to leave the day to day funning of the company to her factory manager.

Charles Plimpton though had left some plan's, one of which where for new parts, these were added to the range of parts in the late 1940's, to increase the realism and flexibility of the system, these included the Balustrade and Gates, Corner Bricks, Side and Wall Bricks, Crazy paving, a Small Chimney, Side Windows and Gable roofs, These where shown in first of all in an advertising leaflet, and a new set 0-3 manual towards the back cover. What was perhaps unusual was that none of these new parts where included in the largest set at the time Set 3. Builders had to wait until 1951 when "Set 4" was introduced with all of the 'New Parts,' included and with a new manual which included model which included these parts.

From then on there as stagnation, no further sets or revised manuals where added in this period, whilst a handful of new parts where added until 1955 then up until 1959 only a further 3 where added. Despite this lack of activity on moving ahead, for sales of Bayko this was the golden age, for sales. Bayko had established itself in the market place and at the time had no serious competitor, however this was about to change,

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Bayko Sets from This Period

During this time Plimpton Engineering just produced 4 different complete sets.

Sets, 0, 1 ,2 where introduced in 1946, set 3 in 1947, set 5 in 1951

Bayko Parts from This Period

After the war Charles Plimpton was working on a range of new parts but he did not live to see these go into production, however all 18 where released in 1950.

After that only 3 more parts where released in the next 9 years .

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Bayko Models from This Period

The set O produced in 1946 was smaller than the previous sets so its original 9 models, later expanded to 12 where all new.

A comparison between the 1941 and 1959 manuals showed that most of the models for sets 1, 2 and 3 continued with just minor modifications. The set 4 though released in 1951 had 10 new models. After this no more new models of modifications where made.