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Bayko Advertising Card1960 -1964 Meccano Bayko the final chapter.

On the takeover Meccano set about making major changes with Bayko. Towards the end of the Plimpton period there was a slow change from the older Bakelite to the modern plastic. Withing a year of the takeover nearly Evey part Meccano made was plastic.

Parts to a point where renationalized. Out when non core parts such as balustrades, side bricks are many more. Meccano returning to the core parts of bricks, windows and doors along with a few extras like pillars and arches. The biggest change though was in the roofs. Out went the 3 small, medium and large roofs, in came different sizes of flat roofs and roof ends.

What Meccano lost in variety of parts they made up with variety of colours. Retaining the white and red, but adding cream. Doors and windows changed from green to yellow, whilst the new roofs where green with cream or brown roof ends. A lot of modern collectors do not like the meccano plastic but many find the colours useful in giving to give variety to models.

Although on the surface Meccano changed the sets with new numbers and new boxes, in reality the underlying contents where similar to the Plimpton sets in effect set 0 became set 11, set 1 - set 12, set 2 set 13 and set 3 set 14. Plimpton set 4 which contained most of the deleted parts was for the minute deleted. The set numbers at first glance seemed rather odd in set 11 - 14 until you take it with the Meccano range of sets themselves which went from 0 to 10 do you see where the Bayko sets fit in. However Bayko was sufficiently different to Meccano that they could have retained the Plimpton number of O to 4.

In 1962 Meccano came up with their replacements to Plimpton Set 4 their new set 15 with several new paring including a Dormer Window, a french window and a display shelf.

However from this point events elsewhere in Meccano took over Bayko. Meccano like Bayko had stagnated failing to introduce new colours and new parts. In 1963 Meccano Ltd was in debt. The Hornby family deciding to sell rather than go bankrupt. The new owners Triang felt Bayko could not compete with the now established Lego, apart from that they had there own product cliki. Bayko stocks that where available where still in some shops and advertised until the late 1960's however these where likely surplus stock. Bayko effectively ended in 1964.

Bayko Sets from This Period

Meccano just produced 5 different complete sets. Sets, 11, 12 ,13 and 14 where introduced in 1960, set 15 in 1962. There where 4 conversion set 11x, 12x 13x and from 1962 14x

Bayko Parts from This Period

Meccano Rationalized on parts producing only 66 parts before Set 15 with contain 70 different parts.

New parts included several different size of flat roofs and roof ends. A display shelf dormer roof and window, french and display windows.

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Bayko Models from This Period
Meccano manuals showed 31 models for sets 11-14, most can easily linked to an update of an aerier Plimpton models. Set 15 made another 12 by contrast these where nearly all new
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