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Bayko is perhaps more than anything is associated with 2 models, the 2 story house in set 2 during the 1950's and the larger detached house with garage however Bayko could be very flexible.

The instruction books apart from houses and bungalows had gates, fireplaces, shops, schools, milk bars, railway stations, a cage, a country club and the later meccano even had a heliport. There where several models shown in the 1950;s instruction book as made with the 'New Parts,' 3 where a Bird House, a Town Hall and Noah's Ark, these where shown as made but never had any instructions for them. The new parts as they where called came out around the time of Charles Plimpton's death, he may have planned to release a new instruction book with these in but never lived to see it through, the new parts where however used in the Set 4 book released in 1952

With a bit of imagination and planning any buildings can be made Bayko tends to concentrated on what was contemporary at its launch in the 1930's however Ancient Buildings such as castles, churches etc, I have seen a photo of a large model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, coming up to date, airports, blocks of flats, skyscrapers etc can be made. If Parts from across the time Bayko was made there is a good variety of colours, from the brown and oak of the early period through the red white and green of the 1950's to the beige, yellows and lighter greens of the Meccano Period.

Bayko Models from The Pre War Period

The Models where all new and many current architectural design. The range quickly expanded as new sets where released.

Bayko Models from the Peak Period

Most of the models from this period where from the Pre war era, there was an attempt to update some. The only real new models came with the release of set 4.

Models from the Meccano Period
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